Tips on Getting Started

You could get so over-whelmed with all the different choices that are at your fingertips . Please investigate and see what works best for your family. First off, lay a foundation. Why do you want to homeschool? It helps to write it out. Second, get as much info as you can, so you will be well informed. Third, get a good support system around you (Remember everyone has an opinion and a good way of doing things. Do what’s best for your family). Lastly, and most important, PRAY!!!! God will direct your steps, if this is the road He is leading you on. Below is just some “things to know” about different styles, and resources:


Textbook approach – Traditional classroom

-You can relax in knowing you are covering the skills that a child would be exposed to in school.
– Easier to plan

-Can be expensive
-Not as flexible

Unit Studies– Studies are built around a topic

-Integration of subjects
-It’s easier to teach more than one child
-lots of activities and projects

-Lots of planning and research is needed

Child-directed/ Unschooling– Studies are directed by the child. What he/she is naturally interested in.

-Helps child become an independent learner
-Child has opportunity to become an “expert” in what he is interests him
– There is no limit or boundaries to what your child can lean. Life is a classroom

-Record keeping can to difficult
-Child may fall behind I some areas

Eclectic Approach– A blend of different styles and approaches

-The sky is the limit
-If you don’t like something, you are free to try something else

Disadvantages: You can get caught up in the latest, newest ideas that come your way.

Resources: (links)

Abeka Homeschool
Sonlight Curriculum
Christian Liberty Press
Bod Jones University
Alpha Omega
Rainbow Resource Center
*NNHS (Northern Nevada Home School)
*Impact Co-op
Homeschooling today Magazine
Practical Homeschooling Magazine
Keepers of the Faith Catalog
*Nevada Virtual Academy  (Virtual online school)
*Connections Academy (Vitual online school)

This is not an exhausted list. These are some of the resources I’ve used through out the years. Please feel free to use your search engine to find more resources that is tailored to what you’re looking for.

* Only found in my area. You would have to check the homeschooling guidelines for your area outside of Northern Nevada.

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