A Prayer for Our Marriage

Many years ago I received a copied booklet; I think it was from one of the ladies at one of my first bible studies in my early years. It’s titled “Woman Prayer Warrior”. I don’t know the author. I just recently got my hot little hands onto it again. It has some awesome prayers for praying over our husbands. I love praying over my husband. Here is one prayer I wanted to share with you:

A Prayer for Our Marriage
I pray, Lord, that You will enable us to honor You by submitting to each other(Eph. 5:21). May You, who give patience, faithfulness, and encouragement, help us to live in complete harmony with each other-each with the attitude of Christ toward the other (Rom. 15:5). As a result, may we live happily in Your love through all the days of life (Eph. 9:9). May he be faithful and true to me, rejoicing in the wife of his youth. May my tender embrace satisfy him. May my love alone fill him with delight(Prov. 5:15,18,19). May he realize that a good wife is worth more than precious gems. Let him know that he can trust in me and I am dedicated to helping him all my days.(Prov.31:10-12).
Lord, I will not get weary in prayer but keep praying and watching for Your answers. I will thank You when they come(Col. 4:2). I will keep on rejoicing in You, for I know that as I pray for my husband, and the Holy Spirit helps him, everything works for our good and Your glory (Phil. 1:9, Rom. 8:28-29).
Glory be to You, God, who by Your mighty power at work in my husband is able to do far more than I could ask or even dream of-beyond my highest prayers, desires, hopes, or thoughts. Glory to You through endless ages(Eph. 3:20-21). Amen
I’m so thankful it’s not my job to change my husband or make him into the man I think he should be. But I can love him, support him, and pray for him.
God Bless,

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