Am I doing a good job?

I think every mom asks herself this question. I know I sure did on many occasions. There is always this gnawing feeling in our minds that we are messing up our kids some how. And even in the craziness of our minds we can think that “other moms” have got it all together.

I was not immune to this thinking throughout the years as my children were growing up. I too faced my moments of inadequacies. However, now that I have two grown sons, two teenagers, and my little man, I can say with a little bit of confidence: It can be done!

You will survive the early years of motherhood. Actually, don’t even look at it as surviving, but as a time of growth.

I had an awesome time yesterday visiting with my oldest son, who moved out this past summer. There are often those “mom moments” that come our way; I love those times. Well, in the midst of one of our conversations my son tells me….He would be lucky to marry a women like me. Well, this statement was honoring, humbling, and scary all at the same time.

I know in and of myself, I have so many short-comings. I know how I struggled as a young mom to find the balance and knowledge to raise this many children that God has given me.

I failed often!

During those early years of my mothering, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. But boy did He have to do a work in me! In fact, the work is still in progress. I needed to be born again-regeneration.

My compact bible dictionary offers up this definition for regeneration: “to be born again, or to be restored.” Regeneration is, therefore, the spiritual change wrought in the heart of man by an act of God in which his inherently sinful nature is changed and by which he is enabled to respond to God in faith.

There are many decisions we have to make as a mother. However, I think the most vital decision that we can make as mothers is to the choice to teach our children the importance of their need for a savior.

I don’t know the future wife God has for by son, but I pray she is a woman who lives with conviction, lives with a purpose, and walks in the power of God. I’m glad my son doesn’t remember the mom who was angry and bitter and struggled to find peace and purpose in her life. Praise God he sees a mom who falls and gets up, who walks daily in the strength that only her God can give, who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, and strength, and who is being transformed everyday by the grace of God.

Lord, I commit my children to you………………………..May you do the work in me.

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