Crazy ’bout you

Today my husband and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. I can honestly say that I love this man more today than the day I stood at the “Chapel of Love” in S. Lake Tahoe and said “I DO”. Well, if you read my blog post Letting Go it wouldn’t take you long to guess I didn’t think this marriage would last. God knew.  After we began to weather the first 4 yrs, we decided to renew our vows. Below is a poem my wonderful husband gave me. Each year is special gift.

Crazy ’bout you

Running in circles wasting my time
following footsteps I seem to lose my mind.
Cheerfully laughing nothing to say
being self-conscious again today.
Forgetting essentials dropping my things
Oh, the joy that happiness brings when we are together
doing our thing.
Bumping into walls not feeling the pain
hearing the patter not seeing the rain
Sitting alone thinking of you
telling myself I love you.
My only excuse for the things that I do
is simply because 
I’m crazy ’bout you.

Love always, Mark
September 11, 1993

Apparently, there are other versions of this poem. Here are a few that I found: Cause I’m Crazy About You, Crazy ’bout You

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