A Simple Windshield Washer?

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It was like any other day, I was hurrying around town to get here and there. But, it wasn’t until I was hurrying though the parking lot of Trader Joe’s my day was changed forever. You see, I ran into a young man named Robert who was a windshield washer. I knew in an instance that I needed to slow down, at what ever cost to my schedule, and let this man clean my windows. And I truly thought I was blessing him by giving him some of my left over dollars. 
I then saw the face of a man who not only needed money, but needed the hope of Jesus.
As I stopped, went over to him, and introduced myself, I think he was shocked. He told me his story of the hardships of his life and that He was having a hard time holding on to his faith when there was disappointment after disappointment in his life. I continued to tell him that God had not forsaken him and no matter what the circumstances look like, God has is in control. By the time we finished our conversation his countenance had changed. And guess what, So had mine.
I thought I was doing a great service and was going to bless this man, but it turned out I was the one who was blessed and got the slap in the face. I was giving out of my left over time and money. Was I really sacrificing anything?
We get so busy in life that everything becomes one big day of craziness. But we need take the time to slow down, to see that people really need a friendly smile, someone to pray and with them or just simply listen to their story. It is funny how God works because I am going to be speaking at a retreat this summer on the importance of putting margins in our lives, which in return would cause us to slow down. What opportunities are you missing because of the craziness? If your “Robert” walked up to you would you notice him, would you give out the abundance that has been given to you or just out of your left overs –time, money, resources.
Be still and know I am God.
Slow down.
I really believe God was speaking to me in that parking lot, and it wasn’t in the noisy busyness of the day; it came in the quiet whisper of my new friend, Robert.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven (Matt. 5:3)

2 thoughts on “A Simple Windshield Washer?

  1. Oh my gosh! This gave me goose bumps when I read it. I also met a windshield washer named Robert in the parking lot of the NW Wal Mart. Here is what I wrote about it for the Love Like Jesus project at Grace Church:
    It was a cold, breezy, drizzly Spring day. A young man in the parking lot asked if he could wash my windows. As he was washing, he told me his name is Robert & he is here from Ohio but can’t find work. He was so humble, polite & thankful for the opportunity to earn a little money. As a mom of teenage boys who will soon be young men out in the world, something about this young man tugged at my heart all morning. When I went back home for lunch I decided to make lunch for Robert too. I went to try to find him again. This was definitely out of my comfort zone because I felt a little bit like a stalker following him down the street trying to get his attention but I knew God wanted me to do this. When I found him he told me he had made enough money to rent a room for the night & he was on his way to get warm. I told him I hoped he didn’t think it was too weird, but I had brought him lunch. He said no, he wished more people were like that. He told me a few times how much I had blessed his day & asked me to pray for him. I have been praying ever since.
    What a blessing to hear about him again.


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