One of Those Days

Today started off like any other. I had my daily to-do’s in my head, and I was moving along rather pleasantly.
Until I realized.
You see, today was Brandon’s screening for his kindergarten entry. I had been waiting and preparing for this day for a while. I was so excited for him. I had special clothes picked out for him. I had a time set that I would begin to get ready and make myself presentable. I just knew my appointment was for 3 O’clock. I had it written on both of my phone calendars (and that never lies). However, I was really shocked when I happen to pick up the reminder slip and saw a big fat 1 O’clock staring at me. You see, it was 1:12 at this point.
Pleasant turns to mayhem.
All of a sudden, I throw some shoes at Brandon. I beg my husband to quickly throw some lotion on Brandon’s legs, because this would cover up some of the dirt. I run upstairs to swipe my mouth with a couple of brushes of toothpaste (I bet the teacher was glad I did that), and I grab Brandon by the arm and fly out the door. The poor boy didn’t know what was going on.
Yes, maybe I was driving alittle too fast to get to the school.
I hurry into the school trying to open the locked door that leads into the school’s hallway (Why is this door locked? Maybe so they can keep crazy frantic people like me out). I notice the reception lady is just looking at me, so I calmly walk over and tell her, “I AM LATE.”
Did I mention I didn’t have time to do my hair, put on makeup, or change my clothes? I know I must have looked like the mother of the year at this point. And of course, they take a picture of my son wearing his play clothes and mix-match socks (smile).
When all was said and done and we made it back to the car, I had to laugh frantically. I think Brandon at this point thought I had lost it. Did I mention it was raining? Oh, motherhood at its finest, lol.
Please tell me you can relate.
Still laughing.
Sometimes as moms we can often feel like we are failing our children. I would encourage you to go back and read Am I Doing a Good Job?

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