Five Greatest Joys of My Life

I always find it interesting to read about what makes people tick and what brings the most joy into their lives. So…I decide to give it a try for myself. Here are my top 5 greatest joys in life……

 1). Walking in fellowship with my savior~ I love nothing more than sitting and pondering how far I have come ever since I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. My life use to be classified as a life of fear, self-doubt, and hopelessness. I was lost in the system of this world. I would have described myself as a person who was desperate for peace, and I tried to find it in everything but the one true source that could bring it. Yeah, sitting in fellowship with my Lord is the best. In the stillness of the moment, I can feel the love, peace, and joy that only the presence of God can bring that kind of peace makes me feel like the trails and struggles of this world are nothing in comparison. And guess what?  I know it is not the end. I get to look forward to seeing my Savior face to face.  
2). Knowing I was created for a purpose~ Doesn’t everybody feel better when they know they were put on this earth for something? In the bible we find that everyone who has the Spirit of God residing in them has a spiritual gift that has been given to them (1Cor. 12). And the best part is that it has nothing to do with our abilities or lack of abilities. In the workbook, Following God, it says it best: “Though God may manifest His power through the gifts and talents that truly make us, His power is not limited by our abilities, nor is it those talents that truly make us usable to Him; it is our availability.” To that I stand and say HALLELUJAH!
3). My family~ Well, if you have been reading my blog for very long you would know that my family means the world to me. Infact, the biggest growth in my life has come from the challenges of my marriage, and taking what I once thought as the mundane tasks of mothering and learning to find the joys and the importance of trusting God with the everyday details and watching Him take something so messed up and flawed and turning it into a wonderful work in progress. I am not a perfect wife or mom, but I am glad I serve a perfect God that never gives up on me.
4). Fun and Relaxation~ Now some of you may think I mean just standing in my back yard swirling around in the yard with my arms raised to the heavens, but I do like to have a little fun. Although I am kind of an introvert, I am learning to come out of my shell a little bit. I love hanging with family and friends playing cards and games and laughing it up. I also enjoy my quiet time…. One of the biggest things that plagues our society is the tyranny of busyness. Busyness is tearing families apart, leaving our women stressed and full of anxiety… I love it when my days aren’t so full… when the overflow of activities isn’t more than the 24 hours allotted. But this has to be done intentionally and with purpose, otherwise you will end up in the middle of mayhem and you will be left standing there wondering why you are so overwhelmed.
5). Openly sharing my life with others~ Ok, I had no desire to openly share my life with others in the beginning. That was until I started to see that God could take my failures, joys, and triumphs and use them to bring glory back to Him. And not only that, I got to see that lives could be transformed just as mine had. I always felt I had nothing to offer. But guess what? I have the greatest gift to offer! One day I was a hopeless pile of mess who didn’t know which way to turn. Now, I sit with the peace and victory that only Christ can bring. I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be. But God knew and I am grateful He had a better plan then I did. And I would shout that from the roof tops. I live because Christ lives in me. And that is the love that compels me. And again I say HALLELUJAH!

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