My Little Girl

It was 16 years ago on Dec. 8th that I gave birth to my one and only baby girl. I think the screams and cheers could be heard throughout the hospital. After having 4 boys in our family, I was sure that this pregnancy would result into another boy joining our clan. I had even pulled out the box that was labeled new-born-baby-boy clothes. I was ready for my boy. I was shocked! I took her diaper off a few times to look. Yep, it was a girl!
 I am sure you have heard of the term strong-willed-child. Well, that was my little girl. She had a mind and she wasn’t afraid to use it (Praise God for giving parents wisdom and strength!). As the only girl, she had no problem keeping up with her brothers. However, she was a princess through and through, but she would kick off her plastic heels and chase them down in a hot minute. She was also a nurturer. We could not leave home without her baby and all the numerous accessories that went with taking care of a baby. I also remember the countless mud pies and plastic dinners that I had to enjoy with a smile on my face. 
 But time passed and my little girl grew up. She is no longer the little girl who would squeeze my hand as I walked her into different, new stages of life. She no longer serves me up those tasty mud pies (Its real desserts now, yummy!). She has become a young woman. She is strong, kind, giving, compassionate, and beautiful. She has become one of my biggest encouragers. I am so proud of my little girl. I am so glad  God chose me to be her mom. I pray that one day she will have a family of her own. But no matter where God leads her, I know she will prosper because she knows where true wisdom and strength comes from. 


                                                  Happy Birthday! Mommy loves you!
First, you hold your baby. Next, you walk with your child. Then, you begin to slowly let go.

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