Motherhood: What I Learned

My husband and I have some pretty amazing children. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a mom now for over 24 years. I had no idea what this motherhood thing was all about. But my journey was sure filled with twist and turns around every corner. And in the end, I came out stronger, even with every scrap and bruise. He was transforming me. Here are a few things I learned along the way:

There will be days when you’re so tired, you feel like you’re going to break. But you don’t. Infact, one day you will look back and see you actually grew and where stronger than you thought.

You will do anything to protect your child. Let’s just call this attitude, Mama Bear.

Your heart grows with each child. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 or 10.

You will often feel like you are failing and ruining your kids. (Did I say, OFTEN?)

Daily, you get to teach your children about grace and forgiveness through your own life as you seek to work imperfectly by God’s grace. And there will be plenty of moments of seeking to extend grace and to seek forgiveness.

There will be days you feel like giving up……claiming God chose the wrong woman for this job…Than a good day comes and you realize you’re right where God wants you to be.

You learn that a loving, committed relationship with your husband matters. 

You get to a point where you realize you can’t do this mothering on your own. You need God’s strength and wisdom daily. And the connection that other “mommy friends” and “older women” bring.

You learn that walking by example goes a lot further than just spouting out a bunch of rules.

You realize you aren’t the same anymore. You are changing and growing and maturing along the way. Every decision you make impacts the life of your child.

As your children continue to grow up, you learn that you can’t be their “Savior”. Your child needs the have their own faith and walk with Christ.

You learn quickly that you can’t protect them from everything. And one day you will have to release them into the world. You will wonder if you taught them enough. You didn’t! But God is continuing His work in them. Our prayer can be that they would know and believe in Jesus with their whole heart and strength.

A mother’s faith is what unlocks the treasure of mothering. I’ve had many different emotions throughout my years of mothering. It’s through my faith that I am doing something far greater than I can ever accomplish on my own, this gives me great joy! I have been given the special privilege of raising God’s child….He chose me!…He chose you!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb 11:1

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