Why my Mom will Never be my Friend

Well, this all started a couple of months ago when I simply asked my daughter to write a blog post for me ( I am always looking for featured writers). She, undoubtedly, refused and continued to assure me she would never write anything just for the sake of writing ( who does that?) Nevertheless, it came as a big surprise when I found this written note in my Christmas gift. I know! Who Knew! I was completely floored. ~Moms keep pressing on with those babies. God knows!

They say that as you get older the relationship between a mom and daughter will start to turn into a friendship, but to be honest, I hope that will never happen to my mom and me. In my eyes the title of mom is so much greater than the title of friend. A friend is someone you can walk through life and make mistakes with. A mom has already walked the path and looks back to try and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. A friend is someone you can look in the eye and share your problems. A mom can tell you already have a problem with just one look. A friend gives her advice. A mom gives her wisdom. A Friend can fake it till they make it. A mom knows when it’s time to keep it real. A friend can say hateful words, hurt, and betray you. A mom is there for you every single day despite the hateful things you say.
My mom is the only person I can truly talk to in my life. I can finish her sentences (No, we aren’t twins because there is about a 30 year age difference between us.) and make her laugh. We know each other so well to the point we drive each other crazy. I encourage her to follow her dreams and she encourages me to follow mine. I will have many friends, a few good friends, and a couple of best friends throughout my life, but I will only have one mom who knows me like the back of her hand. The same hand she has used and continues to use to guide me through life. I don’t know about you but why would I want to give that amazingly special bond between my mom and I up to be just friends?

Written by Meranda Crosby

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