The Pajama Interview: By Anthony Crosby

An interview my son did with his daughter, Sawyer. Check it out! And you can find his new blog link to the right under…My Blog List.

This was it. The interview of a lifetime. This was my chance to sit down with the great and awe-inspiring Sawyer Supp, on the week of her 4th birthday no less! The moment was here! She arrived still in her pajamas, her hair still affected by a long night’s sleep; this woman knows what it means to command a room with her presence. I welcomed her into a chair at my cool, gray interview table. She sat. She waited. I exhaled all of my anxieties away. It was time; I began asking my questions.

“Question one,” I said strongly to show some sense of my authority to Miss Supp, “So, you just turned 4…what are your big goals heading into this new year?” She took in the question. She thought over it slowly, with great patience. She was like a  wine connoisseur taking in a fine sip of Cabernet Sauvignon. I sat waiting for her answer with great anticipation. “Um, to give this beautiful girl a kiss!” She finally responded as she leaned over and gave her little sister Evaleigh, who was also present at the time of the interview, the best Eskimo kiss I’ve ever seen. I was so blown away! What humility! What compassion! I had never seen such selflessness in my life. It was no wonder the past three years of her life had been so lucrative

“Question two, who is your favorite person?” She sat there, not answering the question, for a great deal of time. You could tell this question interested her very little. It seemed like even the curtains on the wall were more attention grabbing than my interview skills. I began to sweat. Was I blowing this opportunity? No, I couldn’t end it here. “What person would you want to be like when you grow up?” I said, rephrasing the question…hoping to land a bite. “Um, my mom!” She finally answered. Yes! She took the question! Now time for a quick follow-up. “Why?” I quickly asked. “Because she goes like this…” she said as she got up from the table and began to shuffle her feet. She was doing some kind of dance! It was pure art! There were so much history and culture in every step; I couldn’t believe my eyes!

After trading chairs (I made the mistake of sitting in a red chair at the start of the interview, everyone knows Miss Supp loves red! It was a rookie mistake) it was time for question 3. “What is your favorite animal?”This time, she quickly responded by saying “a giraffe!” I went right to the follow-up question that landed me previous success, “why?” She squinted her eyes. You could tell she was in deep, deep thought. I couldn’t wait! The anticipation was killing me! Would she bring up the beauty of a giraffe’s long and majestic neck? Would she marvel at the fact it’s the tallest land animal in the world? Is she amazed by the fact that giraffe’s tounges can reach over 45cm long? What was her reasoning? I had to know! “Why?” I spoke out with anxiousness, “Why?!” You could tell I had worn her down with my intense style of journalism because she came out with her answer. “Because, they go like this…moooooo!”

It was time for our another question. “Why do you love Jesus so much?” She simply smiled; I could tell this was an easy question for Miss Supp. She calmly replied by saying “because He loves us!” I too joined in with a smile after hearing this response. It was a great answer.

Finally, I was down to my last questions. I was gearing up to ask Miss Sawyer her thoughts on the current situation involving America’s economic climate, but before I could get another word out…she had to make a statement, “ok that’s it! No more!” She dashed away from the table faster than the average giraffe (which some are known to get up to 37 mph if you didn’t know). She had decided the interview was over. She went and poured herself a nice piping hot teacup full of imaginary coffee. As I sat at the table, wondering if I should consider that interview a success or not, I heard someone calling out to me from the distance. “Come on and have coffee with me!” I couldn’t believe my ears! It was Miss Supp; she was inviting me over for a beverage! I hurried over and sat down. She poured me a cup, and I have to say (off the record of course) it was the best cup of pretend coffee I’ve ever had.

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